JULY, 2019
Posted by Benjamin Kilonzi4508

Building Plans Approval Procedures in Kenya.

Step 1: Come up with an Architectural Drawing. The client/land owner selects an Architect to come up with an approved architectural drawings of the proposed project.

Step 2.Apply for approvals at the County Government Physical Planning Department

  • Architectural drawing, with a copy of valid Architect’s Certificate and practicing license
  • Structural drawing, with a copy of valid Structural engineer’s practicing license and certificate
  • Land rates clearance receipt
  • Land survey plan
  • Proof of land ownership, title deed or certific
  • Approval fee
  • Change of user if required

The physical planner will check if the land owner has the user well-defined for the specific project and if there are any pending land rates. In case the current usage is not corresponding with the proposed construction, a change of use application can be done.

The physical planner then checks out to see if the architectural drawing has been designed by the architect in compliance to the specific county bylaws of the area.

If the drawing does comply with the bylaws, the architect will be notified by the county planner architect on which areas of the drawings he needs to rectify. A new drawing is submitted again until the county government physical department is content. A bill is paid by developer to allow checks to be done by other sub departments such as public health, structural engineering roads, and fire and safety department

Step 3: Approvals by Sub departments

After all other sub departments are satisfied with the drawing, they stamp and had over the drawing to the physical planning department .The physical planner stamps and issues an approval letter to the developer.

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