About Princeps Construction Ltd

Princeps Construction Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 486) as a special purpose company to provide technical Architectural consultancy services and support in the broad fields of Roads Construction, Building Construction, Repairs and Maintenance of Roads & Buildings, Fabricated steel Bridges construction and facilities management , Supplies among others

Throughout our involvement, we will invest most attention to detail and provide knowledge driven and cost saving solutions for the most complex construction assignments.

Our core business is therefore largely Roads construction, Roads repair and maintenance, building construction/repairs and commissioning and maintenance of electro mechanical equipment with special emphasis in air conditioners, refrigeration equipment, water supply equipment, petrol station equipment, domestic and industrial wiring, and generator

We are a full service, Green Build and Design ConstructionCompany based in Kenya offering residential,institutional and commercial construction services. We offer but not limited to the following services

1.Pre- Construction Design and Estimating,


3.Project Management,

4.Residential and Commercial Remodelling and,

5.Interior and Exterior Finishes

6.Environmental Impact Assessment

7.GIS and Mapping Services

8.Interior and Exterior Finishes

9.Road related services.

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